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Amzi! Prolog Source Code Debugger
Amzi! Prolog Source Code Debugger

Prolog Tools

For either learning or deploying Prolog we recommend:

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server
FREE (IDE only)

The Amzi! Prolog IDE, with it's source code debugger, is an excellent tool for getting a solid understanding of Prolog's dynamic variable binding and built-in search.

The Amzi! Logic Server provides the tools for deploying Prolog with other development tools.

The full Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server package is available on either:

  • an individual basis or
  • an institutional site license.


Amzi! Prolog IDE
Amzi! Prolog IDE

Other resources for learning Prolog

Checkout the numerous articles on Prolog:

Prolog Articles

and the archives from the years when Amzi! was editor of the AI Expert magazine. Many of the AI techniques are illustrated with Prolog code.

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