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Business Rules

The Premier Issue of the Microsoft EMEA Architect's Journal features Dennis Merritt's article "Best Practices for Rule-Based Application Development"

Practical Application of Prolog to eBusiness: A Racing Case Study -- PC AI, "AI at Work" Mar/Apr 01 -- describes their use of Amzi! Prolog integrated with Java for implementing business rules to manage betting on horse races.

An Information Management Architecture for On-demand Satellite Broadcasting, 2nd International Workshop on Satellite-based Information Systems, Budapest, October, 1997 -- Details the implementation of a Prolog scheduling engine that uses business rules, constraints and genetic algorithms.

Automating Forms Publishing with the Intelligent Filing Manager, IEEE's SMC-99 -- Kris Mukherjee describes how CCH Legal Information Services uses the Amzi! Logic Server to successfully automate insurance filings in our MS-Windows based compliance system called CT Insurance Advantage. They have also used Amzi! to automate multi-jurisdictional corporate filings on their web site at

Language Translation

Werner Winiwarter at the University of Vienna has written a series of articles on automating Japanese->English language translation.

Legal Systems

AI and the Law: How to Develop a Rule-Based Expert System in Prolog, PC AI, Nov/Dec 03 -- Demonstrates how to design and build a legal expert system in Prolog and describes how to formalize legal rules into logic-bases.

Decision Support

Army Medical Knowlege Engineering System (AMKES) -- A Three-Tier Knowledge Harvesting Environment, Practical Applications of Java Conference 1999. -- Describes a Java-based frames system and inference engine for capturing and maintaining medical knowledge.

Expanding WebLS to Support a Breast Cancer Decision Guide, PC AI, Mar/Apr 98 -- An article about a web-based decision support system built by Amzi! that filters and presents breast cancer information based on the patient's diagnosis and life situation.

Arvindra Sehmi from SBC Warburg presented a paper on the WebLS technology at the 1st Workshop on Logic Programming Tools for INTERNET Applications in conjunction with JICSLP'96, Bonn, Germany.

Intelligent Tutoring

Arithmeticus, a DPS (Dynamic Problem Spaces)-Based Model for Arithmetic Competence, Joseph Klep, Institute for Curriculum Development, Netherlands -- Presents Arithmeticus, an Amzi! application for teaching arithmetic concepts and skills to students and to learn from the solutions they provide to problems.

E-SIT: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Equation Solving, Rawle Prince, University of Guyana -- Presents E-SIT (Equation Solving Intelligent Tutor), a prototypical Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) designed for, and evaluated with, junior high school children in the 11 - 13 age group.

Measuring Human Skill: An Expert Systems Approach, PC AI, Jul/Aug 97 -- Describes a dynamic assessment system built with Amzi! and Delphi for the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Intelligent Assistants

It's in the Mailbot, PC AI, Jan/Feb 98 -- George Ritchie explains how WordSurf built an automated e-mail secretary called Mailbot using C++ and Amzi! Prolog.

Taxes in Prolog, PC AI -- A description of a tax application written in Prolog. It stresses the natural mapping between tax code and Prolog code.

Tech Support

Automating Tech Support, Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook, Sep/Oct 96 -- An overview on using WebLS 1.0 for answering tech support questions on web sites.


Designing and Building a PC Card Installation Expert, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Aug 96 -- Gregg Weissman describes how Xircom uses Amzi! and C/C++ to intelligently install their network and modem cards.

Scheduling & Planning

Cutting the Guillotine Down to Size, PC AI, Jan/Feb 99 -- Mike McHale and Roshan Shah describe how they use Amzi! Prolog to solve complex paper cutting problems for Papercon in Atlanta.

Scheduling the Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Games -- Describes how Amzi! Prolog was used to create a perfectly balanced schedule that meets fairness and television constraints for the ACC.

Puzzle Solving

Solving Rubik's Cube, Prolog in Action, PC AI -- Describes how to write a Prolog program that solves the Rubik's Cube puzzle. Also includes an introduction to Prolog backtracking and unification. Get the Amzi! Prolog Samples (198kb) for full source code.

Solving Crypto-Arithmetic Problems in Prolog -- An article describing how to solve puzzles that replace symbols with numbers and perform calculations, such as magic squares and send-more-money.


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