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New & Used: Build Expert Systems with Delphi and Prolog, Delphi Informant, Jan 03 -- Dr. Alan Moore reviews Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server for use with Delphi including a full source code sample that demonstrates the features and integration.

Prolog goes Middleware: Java-based Embedding of Logic Servers PC AI, Jul/Aug 01 -- Thomas Steiner describes how to embed the Amzi! Logic Server in CORBA and RMI with Java.

Java Meets Prolog for Advisors, Analysts and Agents PC AI, Nov/Dec 96 -- Encapsulating a Prolog engine in a Java Class.

Using Rules to Code the Heart and Soul of VB Applications, VB Tech Journal, Sep 95 -- An introduction to combining Prolog and Visual Basic to implement an intelligent genealogical database. See the samples in Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server for the code example used in this article.

Objects and Logic--C++ Meets Prolog, PC AI, May/Jun 95 -- A discussion of encapsulating Prolog code within C++ objects.

Extending C with Prolog, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Aug 94 -- An introduction on integrating C and Prolog, with some background on Prolog that indicates which parts of an application are best coded in Prolog, and which in C. Illustrated with a multimedia installation expert system.

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