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Articles that Introduce
Expert Systems
and Prolog

An Architecture for Embedded Intelligent Components, PC/AI Jan/Feb 01 -- An overview with examples demonstrating the ease of building custom expert systems in Prolog.

White Paper on Rules, Prolog and Logic Server Technology -- Provides an overview of what rules are, how they are applied, and the features of the Prolog language that makes it ideal for writing rules.

SupportKT -- Describes a research project to build a reasoning engine designed to answer tech support questions using information from the user's PC, while running from the web or inside the application the user is running. (This is a predecessor to KnowledgeWright.)

Exploring Prolog, PC AI Sep/Oct 93 -- Introduces Prolog by presenting various techniques and applications, including an adventure game, object- oriented programming, animal identification and tax form calculation.

Prolog Under the Hood: An Honest Look, PC AI Sep/Oct 92 -- Examines the inner workings of Prolog, explaining backtracking and unification.

Building Custom Rule Engines, PC AI, Mar/Apr 96 -- An introduction to the techniques used in building custom rule engines in Prolog. Many small examples are provided as illustration. The complete source code is in the Amzi! Prolog Samples.

Amzi! Prolog 3.0 Logic Server API, PC AI, Sep/Oct 94 -- Provides an overview of the design and use of the Logic Server API.

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