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AI Papers and FAQs

Prolog FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions regularly posted to comp.lang.prolog newsgroup.

Natural Language FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions from

The Outsider's Guide to Artificial Intelligence -- An ideosyncratic and insightful introduction to the history and status of AI.

AAAI's AI Topics -- A comprehensive set of introductory articles about the many facets of AI.

Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet: an inventory of currently offered functionality in the information society & a prediction of (near-)future developments -- Thesis by Björn Hermans, Tilbrug University, The Netherlands

AgentNews -- Newsletter on agent-based ideas, technologies and applications from the Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology at the University of Maryland.

WAM Papers -- Various papers describing the implementation of Warren Abstract Machines (WAMs). This is the technology underlying Amzi! Prolog.

CGI FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions about CGI script creation.

Sockets -- Lots of information about developing programs using sockets, including pointers to specifications and development tools.

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