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AI Source Code and Repositories

Fuzzy Logic Source Code for Amzi! Prolog -- Source code examples by Albert Pacheco for singleton-geometry and centroid-defuzzification, and scalable monotonic chaining for risk assessment. Alternative download here.

Natural Language Processing in Prolog Source Code -- Source code from book by Gazdar and Mellish, and other works. Also available from the University of Sussex.

Carnegie-Mellon University Repository -- Includes the FAQ and archives for the Prolog News Group, and lots of Prolog, Expert Systems and AI code, articles and more.

Oxford University Repository -- Joceyln Paine's collection of public-doman Prolog code and information.

WWW Virtual Library: Logic Programming -- A guide to bibliographies, repositories, standards on Prolog and other logic tools.

Universal Grammar in Prolog -- The NYU Linguistics Department page on their natural language computing project.

Association of Logic Programming (ALP) -- Archives for their newsletters and other useful Prolog information.

New Zealand Digital Library -- Includes computer science technical reports, literary works, internet FAQs and the Computists' Communique magazine with a text query interface.

AI Bibliographies and Indexes

Bibliographies on Logic Programming and Bibliographies on Artificial Intelligence -- Large, searchable collections of bibliographies from the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies.

Artificial Intelligence Internet Resources -- A large list of resources useful to AI researchers.

Canada Institute for Information Technology -- Artificial Intelligence Index

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