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Useful Vendor Sites

Borland's Community Site - Technical notes, downloads, newsgroups and everything else you need to know about using Borland's C++ Builder, Delphi and JBuilder.

PC AI Magazine -- A comprehensive index to AI on the web, plus information and articles from PC AI. One of our favorite places.

-- Sun's JavaSoft. Download the JDK (Java Development Kit) and lots of Java documentation, including an excellent Swing tutorial.

Java Tutorial -- On-line and downloadable versions of the book from JavaSoft that describes how to write Java programs and applets.This is kept up-to-date with the latest JDK, and includes an explanation of native interfaces (which is how Amzi! is connected to java).

-- Symantecs Visual Cafe intenet tool and other security and anit-virus tools.

Other Useful Sites

Gamelan -- Lots of Java stuff: tools, applets, samples, documentation and much more.

Instant Recall -- Useful documentation on using Amzi! with Borland C++, plus some neat products and information on knowledge based and safety critical software.

Hamilton Software -- List of products for use Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Basic, and business application development services.

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