Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server


License -- Amzi! License Agreement.

Install & Un-install Instructions -- Installation, configuration and removal instructions.

Read Me -- Pointers on getting started.

What's New? -- What's new in this release, and conversion issues for existing applications.

Frequently Asked Questions -- Topics and issues from the support vehicles.

Adventure in Prolog -- A pure Prolog tutorial that uses an adventure game as the main teaching example. It also walks you through a simple expert system, a classic genealogical application, a customer order entry system and a natural language interface using DCG.

Prolog User's Guide & Reference -- How to use the IDE, listener, compiler, linker, runtime and a full Prolog predicate reference. Also includes a quick overview of the system and a quick tutorial on the Amzi! tools.

Logic Server User's Guide & Reference -- How to use the Logic Server API in general and details on supported environments such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, and Access. How to use and build Logic Server Extension (LSXs).

Building Expert Systems in Prolog -- An advanced tutorial on how to implement a variety of knowledge representations and reasoning engines, including topics on backward and forward chaining, frames, uncertainty, and the Rete algorithm.

Samples -- A directory of Amzi! sample programs. See doc.html in the amzi/samples directory.

Prolog Predicate Libraries -- Libraries for list handling, date/time conversion, XML parsing, cross referencing, performance monitoring and more.

Articles -- Helpful articles from PC AI, Dr. Dobb's Journal, VB Tech Journal and more.


All users are welcome to free support from our Discussion Groups. Free and Student license users are encouraged to use this as their primary support method. Developer and Professional License users receive priority technical support via e-mail to Support and by telephone/fax as necesssary.

We can also provide training and user application-specific support on a consulting basis.

Bug reports are welcome on either the discussion groups or via e-mail. Please provide adequate information, including test and log files, if necessary, to allow our developers to reproduce the bug.

Any and all comments on the software, documentation, samples, etc. are appreciated as well.

How to Purchase a License

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server is available in different individual editions, designed for students to professional developers. Site licenses are available for educational, government and commercial institutions. To learn more, please visit:

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