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Custom Reasoning Engines, Web Components, Applications, Training & Consulting

Amzi! provides consulting services in the following areas. Contact us with your specific needs.
Logic-base Prototypes
We can build a prototype of a logic-base that fits your knowledge structure and reasoning processes.
Reasoning Engines
We can build a reasoning (inference) engine to meet your specific needs in Prolog, Java, C++, VB.NET, C#.NET, or Delphi; including tools for authoring and testing knowledgebases, extracting rules from spreadsheets, databases or other formats and maintaining the knowledge for sharing amoung groups of people.
Intelligent Applications
We can design and build client-server, object-oriented applications that fill a variety of needs. Our areas of expertise include Java, JSP, .NET, ASP.NET, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, OODBMS and more under Windows, Solaris, HP/UX, Linux and OpenVMS.  For example, we have built a 3-tier Java application supporting knowledge harvesting work for medical research.
Intelligent Web Components
We can design and build intelligent components for the web. These components can be based on KnowledgeWright, the Amzi! Logic Server or other intelligent technologies. They can be deployed as Servlets, JSP, ASP.NET or CGI applications. For example, we have built a Breast Cancer Decision Guide for the U.S. Government.
Private-Labeled Development Environments
We can put your product or company name on the Amzi! IDE or KnowledgeWright Workshop so you can distribute a full, GUI development environment for your users to create and/or modify Prolog logic-bases and KnowledgeWright knowledgebases.
Porting to New Operating Systems
We can port Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server and KnowledgeWright to almost any operating environment. In the past we have ported to 64-bit OpenVMS, OSF/1, BSDI and, more recently, HP/UX. As the runtime is quite compact, we can port Amzi! to any device with a C/C++ compiler, including Unix boxes, mainframes, handhelds and virtual machines (such as Java and .NET).
Product Enhancements
We can add custom enhancements to Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server and KnowledgeWright to meet your specific needs. These can be added into the product or built as custom extensions (LSXs).
Prolog Training
We offer a one-week course in Prolog development that can be customized to your application and programming environment. We can also provide application-level guidance by telephone on a retainer basis or on-site for any number of days.