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Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server

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Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server 

Embed Prolog rule-based components in C/C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C#, Web Servers (Servlets, JSP, ASP.NET, CGI) and more. Develop Unicode and/or ASCII logicbases. using the Amzi! Eclipse IDE with source code debugger for local, embedded and remote Prolog components. Integrate your logicbases. with ODBC databases. Deploy them with the Logic Server Libraries. Extend Amzi! Prolog with your own functions/libraries. For Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX. Available on any other platform with a custom port (see below). Royalty-free runtime. See the:

See also what's new in this release, frequently asked questions, the full documentation, and download or buy the product.

"Amzi! offers so much flexibility and, to all intents and purposes, allows mixing of numeric and symbolic computation in a way undreamt of a few short years ago. Well done!" 

Jim Morrison, Business Research Associate, ZENECA Specialties 

Customer Contributed Freeware

A collection of samples and Logic Server interfaces contributed by our customers. Read the descriptions (and download instructions).

If you have a commercial or shareware product or extension that you would like us to distribute here, please contact us. With our new e-commerce capabilities you get paid each time a customer places an order.

Amzi! Ports, Customization & Source Code Licenses

We can port Amzi! to other machines and environments. For example, we have provided customers with embeddable implementations of Amzi! Prolog for 64-bit Compaq-DEC OSF/1, Compaq-DEC OpenVMS, BSDI Unix and HP/UX environments. As the runtime is quite compact, we can port Amzi! to any device with a C/C++ compiler, including Unix boxes, mainframes, handhelds and virtual machines (such as Java).

In addition, we can provide custom enhancements to Amzi! Prolog (usually in the form of Logic Server extensions), and/or interfaces to databases, networks or any other software or hardware.

We can also create a private- labeled version of the Amzi! IDE for you to distribute to your customers to create and/or modify logicbases.

Full source code for Amzi! is available under a separate license agreement. This option is suitable for medium/large organizations that need the security of full source code, or who wish to build their own custom extensions. Pricing is based on your specific development and distribution business needs.

For pricing on any of the above, please send us your requirements. Also see our complete list of Amzi! services.

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If you would like to help us out and tell the world that your applications use Amzi!, please put one of these images on your Website and link it to our homepage, (Right-click on the one you like and select save picture). Thank you for your support!


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