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Prolog Books

Adventure in Prolog -- Introductory tutorial explains Prolog concepts with text, diagrams and specialized diagrams for illustrating flow-of-control. This book uses full program examples rather than code fragments and leads you step-by-step through writing these programs: an adventure game, an intelligent data-base, an expert system and an order entry program. Teaches Edinburgh-standard Prolog.

Adventure in Prolog is included in help format in the Amzi! Logic Explorer and in written format in the Personal and Professional Editions of Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server. It is available for downloading in HTML format.

Building Expert Systems in Prolog -- Shows how to build a number of prototype expert system shells and their underlying inference engines including: EMYCIN-like backward chaining with uncertainty, OPS-like forward chaining, explanations, frames, hybrid systems, and performance enhancements (modified Rete-network). Describes the technical issues and design decisions involved in each. Sample expert systems are implemented using each of the shells. Full source code for the shells is available in the book and here on Internet. By Dennis Merritt, ISBN 0-387-97016-9. Published by Springer-Verlag. Available from any technical bookstore or Springer-Verlag in New York (1-800-SPRINGER) or Germany.

Programming in Prolog -- Defines the "Edinburgh Standard" as well as the standard ?- listener and box-model debugger interfaces. It is an indispensible reference and a fine book for learning Prolog. By Clocksin & Mellish, ISBN 3-540-58350-5. Published by Springer-Verlag. Available from Springer-Verlag in New York (1-800-SPRINGER) or Germany.

Warren's Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction -- Hassan Aït-Kaci's excellent book on how to build a WAM, the technology underlying Amzi!'s Prolog engine (the Logic Server).

Prolog Tutorials

Adventure in Prolog -- Full Prolog tutorial text from Amzi! (see Books above).

On-Line Prolog Language Tutorial -- Web-based Prolog course from the University of Sheffield.

Programmierkurs Prolog Skript zur Plenarübung -- German-language, web-based text by Klaus Schwab and Heiko Ludwig, Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik insb.Büro- und Verwaltungsautomation.

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